Forensic Art Essentials

A Manual for Law Enforcement Artists by Lois Gibson
The demand for forensic art usage in investigations is rapidly expanding due to media attention. As a much needed enhancement to this profession, Lois Gibson has created the first book that thoroughly explains how to sketch a suspect’s face from a witness memory. Forensic Art Essentials teaches artists to extract information from a witness or victim about a face they have seen, and produce an image good enough to lead detectives to the criminal being described. After reading this book, anyone with adequate drawing skills will be able to learn the techniques necessary to develop his or her skills as a forensic artist. Instruction focuses on an explanation of techniques for various scenarios and includes the use of case studies of special situations and how they should be handled. Plentiful examples of sketches shown next to mug shots of the proven perpetrator of the crime fill the pages with details of how those particular images were obtained from the witnesses of those particular crimes. The challenges of the various interviews are addressed with successful methods explained.

Additionally, Forensic Art Essentials covers facial reconstructions on skulls of unidentified murder victims as well as age progressions to aid in the apprehension of known fugitives and the return of kidnapped children. To aid investigators when their murder victim has no identification and is in a skeletal state when found, this book contains abundant illustrations of step-by-step methods for reconstructing each individual’s unique facial features guided by the bony landmarks found in the anatomy of their skull.

Solutions are offered for a multitude of common problems faced by professionals in the field. Other subjects addressed by Lois Gibson using her knowledge gained during decades as an active forensic artist are: depicting the various races, quick efficient get-away vehicle depiction, court testimony, and special handling of child witnesses. With 500 illustrations, this book is an essential tool for all forensic artists.

Faces of Evil

Murderers, Kidnappers, Rapists and the Forensic Artist Who Puts Them Behind Bars by Lois Gibson and Deanie Francis Mills
Every day, Lois Gibson is able to put power, control and a sense of justice back into the hands of victims of violent crime, heinous rapes, kidnappings and murders. Gibson, herself the victim of a violent rape, uses her skills to coax from the memories of victims the most intimate details possible and, with the stroke of a pencil, reconstructs the faces of their tormentors. These eerily accurate portraits have been directly responsible for the capture of over 700 vicious criminals for which her skills are noted in the Guinness Book of Records.

Faces of Evil is Gibson’s riveting story of how she became the world’s most successful forensic artist, interwoven with her thirteen most suspense-filled cases. Gisbon takes you with her inside the gritty atmosphere of forensics, putting you behind the scenes of terrifying enigma after enigma and into the victims’ mind set as they seek vindication. Follow the nine-year-old girl who sees and helps catch her mother’s killer, the pregnant blind woman who identifies and aids in the capture of her rapist and the hero cop whose deathbed description leads police to his killer.

This is a fascinating true crime book like no other, mixing chilling crime scenes with the inspiring story of one woman’s passion for justice.