Speaking Engagements

Audiences rave about Lois Gibson's passionate presentations describing her pioneering work taking criminals down with pastel and paper. She describes how her survival of a near-death experience at the hands of a brutal assailant led her to lend her artistic talents to law enforcement in their fight against crime - resulting in more than 1200 captured. Her unforgettable tale of turning tradedy into triumph will leave your group spellbound and inspired. She is a world leader in the new profession of forensic art who passionately spreads the word about the amazing effectiveness of this new tool for bringing justice to innocent victims.

Cheryl Evans Texas Art Education Association President

"Riveting, dramatic, and timely, world-renowned forensic artist, Lois Gibson had 600 Texas art educators on the edge of their chairs with her keynote address at the 2010 Texas Art Education Association conference. Her message that art is a powerful tool for seeking justice for victims was loud and clear. Gibson's delivery was right on the mark and had the audience spellbound, and jumping from their chairs with raucous applause. Never a "talking head," Gibson is hard-hitting, entertaining, passionate, and engaging in her delivery.

Gibson's keynote presentation was so popular that our members requested that she return for the 2011 conference as a featured presenter for a hands-on session entitled "The Art of Catching Criminals.

I completely endorse Lois Gibson as a keynote speaker for any association, company gathering, or community event. You will be amazed, educated and entertained; but you won't be disappointed."